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Xperia Tablet Z: Head of the Class

As education continues to evolve, so must the tools we give our educators. With that in mind, the latest tablet from Sony, the Xperia Z, offers great production tools for learners and educators alike—allowing classrooms to take the Sony mantra of “make.believe” to new heights.

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10 Great Places to Learn and Play

This post shares 10 great online resources for exploratory learning.

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How to Guide for Connecting the Xperia Tablet to a VGA projector

Not all of the classrooms have HDMI connections to TVs or projectors. Now, hopefully you can quickly and easily still project your tablet image in your classroom even if VGA is your method of connectivity.

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Project Your Android Using ANY Computer

Here's my cry: Let my devices play nicely together!!! Here is one solution to project my Android device that is turning out to be wildly successful for me, regardless of the computer's operating system I'm using!

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Coach’s Eye App is Elusive Android Flipping Whiteboard

Techsmith's Coach's Eye app can be used for way more than just sports and can become that elusive recordable whiteboard app.

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Welcome to Sony's Education Ambassador (SEA) community. Our site is fueled by expert advice from our SEAs – a network of distinguished educators – and you.

The SEA mission is to provide solutions for educators looking to implement technology in the classroom and foster dialogue about how technology can enhance student learning.

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Ambassador Spotlight

Cortney Steffens Cortney Steffens recently earned her Ph.D. from Fordham University where she conducted research that compared the print and online comprehension strategies used by second graders.  She taught first grade for ten years and has now “graduated” to third grade.  She actively seeks out authentic ways to incorporate technology into her instruction while honoring the foundational skills all students need to be successful.  Cortney is excited for the opportunity to be a part of the Sony Education Ambassador program and looks forward to beginning to collaborate with... MORE